Thursday, December 27

T minus 19 days...

I leave in 19 days...and I'm not ready!

I received an email today from my supervisor asking if I have received my CoE. He got it on December 17th and sent it to the coop office in Vancouver on December 18th - it should have arrived on December 20th or 21st. I did call my coop coordinator on the 21st, but haven't heard back from her yet. I think she was gone for holidays...the coop office is closed December 24th -January 1st, so I'm going to call on the 2nd! I emailed my supervisor back and asked if he could tell me the dates on the CoE, because then I can book my flight.

That was the third email I've gotten from my supervisor. Judging by his emails, his English is very good - which will be extremely helpful! He told me a bit about two projects I may be working on, but told me that ultimately, what I don't know about the projects, the theory behind them, or the programs I will be using doesn't matter. He said the important things are: a) To have a mind to learn new things, b) To have a strong will to complete something as a professional.

The projects both involve Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer....3 guesses as to what my most difficult course last year was.... (Thermo!!).

My sister got me a 'Japanese Phrases for Dummies' book for Christmas, and I've started reading through it and trying to connect what I'm learning to every day stuff so I can remember it. I feel like I'm learning it very slowly, but I think I know more than I think I do. Hopefully it will start to come easier when I'm there!

I've got a list of 'to dos' and 'to buys' and 'to sees' before I go, and I'm working through it. There isn't as much to do as I thought, but there is less time than I thought! It was difficult to leave the Elk Valley, and as nice as it is to be back in Kelowna for a bit, I miss everyone and everything there, already!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year... I'll post again when there's something new (hopefully my CoE and a booked flight!) :)

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