Wednesday, June 11

Statues, Spoons, and Low Tide (Miyajima Part III)

The mandala had me mesmerized for quite a while, as did the many gorgeous statues and decorations.

1000 Fudo Images - The Immovable King

I could have wandered the temple area forever...the detail on the statues, the innumerable prayer requests hanging beside the idols. The different temple buildings are spotless and neat, and have a peaceful and quiet air about them.

One of my favorite places in the Daisho-in Temple was the 500 Rakan Statues. The statues are of Shaka Nyorai's disciples and all have unique facial expressions. I could have looked at them forever. Some seemed so happy - full of joy and bursting at the seams to tell the world their secrets. Others seemed as though they just sat quiet, content in contemplation - enjoying a simple existence. Still others looked frustrated - as though they couldn't understand the world's need to cling to such futile things.

We finally left the temple - I admit that I didn't want to go, but we moved onto slightly (but only slightly) more modern things, such as...

rice serving
(5 meters long)

By time we finished marvelling at the serving spoon big enough to be Gulliver's soup spoon, the tide was out and we could walk right out and up to the Otorii! It was beautiful from the shore, in high tide - but in low tide, it was just HUGE! Again, I caught myself wondering how they built it, and pondering the reverence with which it was treated. Today it is more of a tourist attraction, but for some it still holds religious significance and value.

Note - Blogger won't let me upload these photos for some reason...but I'll keep trying!

After visiting the gate, we talked ourselves into doing The Hike. We were both exhausted - both from an overnight bus ride and a day of walking. It was hot out. We didn't want to do the hike. But we knew that if we didn't, we would regret it the next day.

The Hike is 2.5 kilometers to the highest point on the island. You can take a ropeway either up or down (or both). We planned to hike one way and ropeway the other... Unfortunately, by time we made our way there, the ropeway was closed for the evening. We decided that we still should do it. And that's when the real adventures began... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about it! :)

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canadasue said...

Your adventures and comments remind me of a line from a movie...

You are sucking the marrow from the bones of Life!

You seem to be taking in the experience of Japan on every level of your being...

Peace to you!