Wednesday, August 6

Forgotten (but not forgotten!) - USJ Adventures

This is a little out of place; I was too excited about my Oita trip and forgot to post this on the tail end of the Okinawa trip!

When we got back from Okinawa on Monday morning, we headed straight to USJ (Universal Studios Japan). Due to an inside joke, I was especially excited to see the Waterworld show.

Me, Keith, Alex, and Thomas met up with Rumiko and her friend Nobu after lunch. We enjoyed the rides and some yummy food. Unfortunately, we arrived too late in the day to see Waterworld. I was crushed. Partially because I love the show, and partially because I needed to go see it to prove a point. Hehe. But we did lots of other fun rides. Rumi and I had some random dance parties to the live music shows... dancing around like wildwomen and (trying) to swingdance in public isn't a very Japanese thing to do. But, we're not Japanese! (Well, okay, Rumiko is. But she's Japanese-Canadian and is pretty culturally Canadian.) The drummer of the one band found us quite amusing, and we had a lot of fun. I should mention, though, that jumping and dancing around in 40 degree weather and ridiculous humidity is exhausting and makes you very warm. But we were already pretty warm.

After Keith, Thomas, and Alex left for Tokyo, me, Rumi, and Nobu watched the Peter Pan production. It was very well done! There was a large stage and beautiful costumes, and Peter and Wendy flew around the sky in harnesses and on wires. It was a great production, and fun to watch. We were hoping to hit up a few more rides afterwards, but the park was closing, so we took some pictures instead.

I got home late, but it was a great end to an already-fun weekend.

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MizFit said...

man I am SO living vicariously here.

thanks for the blog I love it...


Crabby McSlacker said...

Sounds like a great trip except for missing Waterworld.

I always find it interesting when U.S. theme parks make their way to very different cultures and I wonder how they're perceived. Anyway, sounds like it was a blast.

Charmaine said...

I think I love your life. You are the consumate interesting and engaging young person. What a unique life you have.

I dig you. But you don't surf so, as you said, nothing can come of it.

hee hee

Alex said...

I will never watch waterworld