Monday, January 21

January 20th

Well it turns out that I have to wait a month to get a phone but should be able to get internet pretty quickly. That’s okay because I’d take internet over a phone, anyways. I’m not entirely sure, though – I’m going to ask again tomorrow to clarify. I went for a long walk today and tried to find the pool. I got a map, and I think I found it, but it obviously doesn’t look like a North American pool-building, and I’m not sure what it is (you can’t see inside). I was going to follow the signs to ‘Yao City Gymnasium’, but it was cold and wet and I didn’t feel like it. I got to thinking, as I was walking – moving to a new country wouldn’t be so bad if I could read and write the language. I know that’s fairly obvious, but it would definitely make this a lot easier. I’m kind of just zoned out on my bed, right now, with my Japanese CD’s playing in the background, but I’m not really paying attention to them…maybe they’ll still filter into my head. Am I supposed to blog less about what I do and more about how I’m feeling? Or the other way around. I suppose it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. I’ve had a rollercoaster week, but I keep reminding myself that it’s only the first week, of 28 weeks. I’m looking forward to meeting the other coop students and doing some sightseeing. Kind of wish I had internet. Kind of feeling random right now. This isn’t a very good blog post, so I’m going to stop writing now. You’re probably tired of hearing my over-emotional ramblings. The blog will get more interesting once I do some travelling, probably. Oh well. Jaa matta (see you later).

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