Sunday, January 27

Short term internet access, finally!!

Hi! I finally have some internet access and have posted all my blogs since I got's a lot of reading! There are som e pictures in it too, though. I'm borrowing the internet of another coop student - I am sooo happy to finally have met someone else from Canada who I can have English conversations with! He lives 45 mins or so away by train, and another coop is 5 minutes from him.

Tonight, I'm going to Kyoto (~ an hour away by train) to meet up with 6 more coop students! We're going to go out for dinner and then to a club called 'World'. I'm so excited to finally get to do something!

I'm out for now, I need some lunch! I still don't have internet, so it may be a while until the next blog posts go up!

Hopefully talk to you soon!


wendee said...

watch out for those Japanese (have fun)

Jeff said...

hey! how's hanging out with the other kids go?

miss you steph!!!

canadasue said...

This is the juiciest blog ever... thank you for sharing the hard parts, and saying how very hard they are. I told your mom I though you were valiant in your vulnerability, thank you for expressing the full range of the emotions you're experiencing. I look forward with great anticipation your future posts... this will be a link I will give others going to Japan for the first time. Gambatte!