Monday, July 7

Bravery & Cheese

On Friday, I was on my way home when I spotted a tall, Caucasian, super curly red-headed kid. He asked someone a question in super broken Japanese, and hopped on my train just as the doors closed. He was standing right beside me, so as a part of my resolution to be more outgoing, I smiled and said, "English?!" He looked really flustered, and said..."yeah..." We talked for a few minutes. Every time I looked at him or smiled at him, he answered, but got really flustered. I think he just got out of highschool, because he said that he had just finished a Socials exam before he came to Japan. He told me that he had just come to Japan to 'check it out'. I asked if he was alone, and he said he was. In all honesty, I was a little shocked! I said, "You just came to Japan - by yourself - to check it out?!?!" He said, "Uh...yeah." Me: "Wow! That's insane. I don't think I could be that brave!"

Oh, the irony? I realized, just after I said that, that I came to Japan - by myself - to live here. By myself. But I was still so shocked that he would do that - and my initial reaction was shock at his bravery.

On a cheesier note...(hehe)

My boss invited me to join him for dinner this evening; he was meeting an old friend at the company and the friend's assistant. We met them in a beautiful little area around Osaka Station that I had never seen! The wall in the courtyard was stone and flowing water. The walk and patio was all cobblestone - it seemed like it should be out of old Europe, or something.

We had a lovely dinner of cheese fondue, salad, and a few other things. I had a glass of wine, and dessert was some delicious yoghurt with fruit cubes on top. I practiced my Japanese a bit, but still spent quite a bit of dinner just listening to them.

It was a nice evening, and delicious!

On another note...I am currently obsessed with raisins. They're soo yummy!


Monson said...

Raisins? Gross!

Anonymous said...


are you sure it wasn't ryan monson?

canadasue said...

Raisins... hmmm... food seems to taste better in Japan.

P.O.M. said...

I love cheeeeeeeeeese! I have been eating raisins alot lately too. I make my own homemade mix wtih nuts, soynuts, raisins and dried cherries! yummmy. Sweet and salty.

PS: DUH - you are SUPER brave!