Tuesday, July 1

I Am Canadian!

Happy Canada Day! I've always appreciated Canada Day for the holiday and the chance to hang out with friends, watch some fireworks, and have some fun! This year, I really appreciate Canada Day as a celebration of Canada - because, let's be honest...I miss it! Being in Japan, I've come to appreciate Canada and Canadian ways and things a lot more. I'll never view Canada Day the same way - I wish I was back home to celebrate, but instead I'll celebrate here (I've been invited to a Canada Day Dinner put on by the Kansai Chamber of Commerce). Here's just a few things I miss!

25 Things I Miss About Canada:

1. Family & Friends
2. Whole wheat flour
3. Shoes that fit
4. Being able to read packages in the grocery store
5. Seeing Canadian flags
6. Tubs of ice cream
7. Chewy / Gummy candies
8. Cars driving on the right side of the road
9. My bike (dorm bikes...not so cool)
10. Living in a house
11. My big Disneyland mug
12. Oatmeal packages larger than a postit note (okay slight exaggeration - but only slight)
13. Flying across the water on our boat
14. Wakeboarding
15. Freshwater lakes
16. Low humidity
17. Access to (an English) library
18. Magazine subscription capabilities
19. Windows XP in English
20. Coffee shops with wireless internet and comfy chairs
21. My kitchen tools/utensils/pots/pans/etc
22. The ability to get home at any time of night via bus (in Vancouver, at least)
23. My car & driving.
24. Green space in the city.
25. A normal oven.

I'm sure I could come up with many more things...but I'd like to hear some of your favorite things about Canada! Especially if you've travelled to another country...when you returned to Canada, what did you appreciate more than ever!?

PS - This is for my American readers, too! Is there anything you appreciate about Canada?


P.O.M. said...

I'm not Canadian, but have been several times - Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise, Quebec. I must say that I love Canadian men. Some fine specimens!

Stephanie said...

Hehe - yes, yes there are. Can't argue with you there.

#26. Canadian men

canadasue said...

There are so many reasons to celebrate the freedoms and responsibilities of being a Canadian!