Friday, July 18

Quick Update...

I'm sorry for taking so long to put up an update... I've had a little bit of a stressful week. :)

I climbed Mount Fuji last was a great trip, with a beautiful sunrise, but an adventure at the end. One of the coop students got lost on the mountain, and finding him included calling Canada, my supervisor, the police, and climbing partway back up the mountain. We ended up missing our rides home, and stayed the night at an Inn. Everything wokred out alright, though...we found him and he wasn't hurt. I did get to work on Monday, albeit a little bit late.

Today I am flying down to Okinawa for the weekend. It should be an awesome weekend!

When I get back, I will post the Mt. Fuji story with some pictures, and some new Okinawa stories and pictures!

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Merry said...

You climbed all 12,000-something feet? Wow, I am impressed.
Definitely looking forward to those pictures!