Friday, July 11

To Do List

Here today, gone tomorrow!

Time is flying by - and there's still lots to do! I definitely had some lull time in March and April, but things have picked up (to say the least).

Here's what I'm up to...

July 11-13: Tokyo; Climbing Mt. Fuji
July 18-21: Okinawa
July 25-27: Oita (hopefully...still working out the details!)
August 1-3: Izu Peninsula
August 7th: Final Presentation (in Japanese...ahh!) at work, & Jo-Anna comes!
August 8th: Last day of work
August 8-10: Mt. Fuji (again) with Jo-Anna, and Tokyo Sightseeing
August 11-15: Kansai sightseeing & adventures with Jo-Anna
August 16th: Flying home to Kelowna!

This leaves me approximately.... no empty weekends, a lot to do, and not much time until I go home! However - there's lots of time for adventures between now and then...

1 comment:

Merry said...

So long as you've got a plan :)

I had a long To Do list for this weekend. I think I should be more realistic in my scheduling, e.g.

1 - Sleep in
2 - Lounge about in pyjamas imbibing mucho coffee
3 - Discover there's no food in the frig
4 - Saunter to the store to buy breakfast stuff
5 - Around noon, decide to ignore the To Do list in favor of spending the afternoon in the park...

Your list sounds much more adventurous!