Thursday, February 7

Connection Is A Wonderful Thing

Today was subarashii (superb)! I stopped in the morning to pick up my Alien Registration card, then met my boss at Osaka Station. We got me a phone which took a while, but we got 'er done! I have a fancy new phone (photos below...) I can even watch TV on it! I did some more 'food' experiments, then sat through a meeting about the chemical heat pump. It was both a little bit boring and a little bit frustrating - the first part was in English (for my benefit), but the discussion was all in Japanese. I can generally tell the topic of conversation, but not what they're saying about it. After work, I headed home to see...and...

YES!!! I have internet! I was so happy - I couldn't believe it finally happened. Now I'm busy catching up on the news, emailing and Facebooking people, doing some research! It's great to be connected to the world again - both through the internet and the phone.

I was asked today what the most difficult thing to deal with has been. There are two - one has been lonliness, and the other has been how difficult it is to communicate! It's great to be able to use the internet and phone to facilitate that communication again!

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