Saturday, February 2

February 2nd

I am currently enjoying something that must have been made by angels – it’s an amazing chocolate ice cream popsicle…no, it’s not really ‘Japanese’, but it’s so good!
Today was circus day! Takemori-San mentioned (on Thursday), at lunch to Moriya-San (the girl in the trio I usually eat lunch with) that I was going to the circus and asked if she wanted to go. She did, so I let her know what station to meet me at, etc. She’s kind of shy and speaks minimal English, so I was a bit worried about how we’d do spending time together. One of the coops came, too – Kelvin. He was a bit late, so Moriya and I hung out and talked a bit. Between my Japanese and her English, we made it work. Kelvin speaks decent Japanese, so he kind of translated for the rest of the day. The circus was so much fun! It wasn’t too big and extravagant of an affair, but I thought it was fascinating and a lot of fun. It was an acrobatic circus – there’s some pictures below. There were people balancing all over a bike, twirling plates, trapeze artists, balancing acts! There was a girl who flipped a bunch of dishes up onto her head – that was pretty cool. There was also an ultra-efficient use of a bike…there were so many people on it! There was a funny clown, who was very good. There were some crazy guys in hamster wheels. It was a small circus tent, but the lights and colors definitely added atmosphere. The costumes were beautiful – my favorite was one that the girls wore, with long veils off the back of their heads. They were flowy and gorgeous. Most of the participants were pretty young – some of the girls who did amazing things on the trapeze were only 13! I had some popcorn and tried a Japanese thing – a ball of mushed rice rolled in brown-sugar-like stuff. It was pretty good. After the circus, we went to Namba – a major shopping destination in Osaka. There’s infinite stores and places to eat. Each street and branch is like a smaller version of the pictures you see of Las Vegas. There’s signs and flashing lights everywhere…people stand outside the stores and yell and talk to you and try to get you to come in. They’re not market-like stores, though…they’re mostly miniature mall-like shops – except very thin (like 10 or 15 feet wide). I should have taken a picture – I will next time. There’s a picture below of me in front of one of the famous places, halfway across a bridge in the area. We walked around, Kelvin got a haircut (which was decidedly Asian, but he’s Asian, so it fit – it looked good. I pictured it on Mark or Matt or someone and had to laugh.  )

Then I had an exquisite Osaka dining experience. We went to one of the many restaurants for Okonomiyaki. Osaka is famous for it’s Okonomiyaki. It’s kind of like an omelette except with noodles and cabbage and meat or seafood and other assorted vegetables. It was delicious. Osaka is also famous for another food that I will have to try – I forget what it’s called. After dinner, Kelvin went to Den Den Town, which is a very well-known electronics place – it’s several floors. I’d like to go, but I was getting tired and still had to pick up groceries. I had another wonderful grocery shopping experience – I tried a new store and loved it! There was way more selection than anywhere else I’ve been! I came home, had that wonderful ice cream bar, and here I am! That’s it for tonight…more tomorrow!!


Monson said...

Hey! What happened to the pictures you were referring to?

canadasue said...

Okonomiyaki rocks... and it seems there are many lovely variations of the same in other regions... Thank you for the pleasant reminder... it may be on the dinner menu tonight!