Monday, February 18

Roppongi & Tokyo Tower

Once we got back to Hinode on the SeaBus, we subway'd ourselves to Roppongi - a 'nightlife' and shopping area. We were exhausted and starving, so we had a wonderful supper, then took off for the Tokyo Tower. It was dark and chilly but we decided to walk. It took about 20 minutes to get there. We bought our tickets, got a picture with the pink & blue 'Tokyo Tower', and went up to the top! The view was amazing, with all the lights and towers. We walked the entire top to get the panoramic view. The lights went on and on forever, into the distance.

After crusin' the souvenir shop (but deciding nothing was worth buying), making fun of the pink Towers (why pink!? It looks like a stick of bubblegum or a crayon!), we were craving some crepes. We found the crepe shop and indulged in some amazing crepes. Times like this make me wish I had my kitchen so I could make a crepe-meal! Rosa went to hang out with a friend, and Keith and I decided to call it a night. We were exhausted and our feet hurt, and we wanted to be well-rested for the next day of sightseeing!

We split up at the subway station and I got myself back to Oshiage Station, then started walking to Kenga's apartment. I'm generally pretty good with directions and remember details. I don't know if I was tired or just wasn't paying attention the night before, but I couldn't find the door into the apartment! I knew I was in the right area, and I knew it had to be one of a few streets, but I was also completely lost. After berating myself for not paying more attention the night before, wandering around the same couple blocks several times, and considering hanging out in the train station until morning, I finally found it. I went inside and crashed instantly - sleep is good, my friends...sleep is good.

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