Monday, February 11

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day...
I slept in a bit and Skype'd my family, which was awesome! My Mom sent me a card a week or so ago, and when I checked my mail, it was there too! :) It was nice to have some connection with home, but I definitely felt the homesickness!

I knew I couldn't spend the whole day in my dorm room, even though I didn't feel like going out. At some urging, I went for a walk. There's some pictures below of some different things I saw. It was nice to get outside, and it was even sunny today! I also managed to convince myself to go to the gym, just for a short cardio trip - but when I got there, I ended up doing my whole weight routine and some cardio - I was pretty proud of myself and felt really good afterwards. I relaxed for a bit in the hottub in the women's changeroom (I'm getting used to not wearing anything around other women), and headed home, feeling like a million bucks! Supper was yummy, and here I am!

Left - My Japanese Sensei, Ago-San
Below - A shrine in front of a house that I saw on my walk. It had incense on it, too.

Above - a Japanese truck! Put that next to a Ford 350 or a Toyota Tundra...

Above - Vending machines that are everywhere! Some of them have more vending machines in a small covered area behind them (like this one). I ventured inside, today - but only for a second! They were porn vending machines! Shocked, I quickly left and contemplated how quickly that would be removed in Canada, but I see them everywhere, here!

Right - There are many of these fields/gardens beside houses that I saw on my walk.
Below Right - A 'cool' car that I saw - this picture's for you, Mark! :)

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canadasue said...

your Nihongo-no Sensei seems sweet from her picture... you're really catching the spirit of place in your picts and writing!