Wednesday, April 23

3 posts in one day. Overkill? Maybe. But really - the other two were my last night, and this one is my 'the next day'. So there's not 3 in one day, you're just in the wrong timezone.

It's 9:40am. I started working at 9:00am. Will this day ever end!?!? Oh wait, it's only been 40 minutes.

I am frustrated, pissed off, want to go home, and want to throw or smash something. I have been working with Solidworks for 3 days. I say I have been working, because it hasn't. It has some major issues (that apparently weren't solved by purchasing a new computer for me to use), and I don't understand why. Help has been slow in coming, so I'm just dealing with it. I need one of those squeezy stress balls. Or a baseball bat. Or Friday 5:41pm. Blogging my insane frustration is slightly helping, but I know that when I stop blogging on work time, Solidworks will be right there, waiting to welcome me with a memory error and the loss of my carefully calculated changes.

Misery loves company (and believe me, I am currently miserable) - what's your 'worst-day-at-work' (or school) story? Do share...comment!


Monson said...

I was gonna do as you told and write a story or two about my most frustrating days at work, but I got frustrated thinking about it and didn't want it to make your day even worse by telling it, even if the perspective it gave made your life seem so much better. Instead, I will share a quote from a poster I saw in a woman's office today, perhaps it will help you:

"Don't hold in your farts because they'll sneak up your spine and into your head, and that's where crappy ideas come from."

Stephanie said...

Hehe - thanks, Ryan! I do recall some of your days at worked seemed like they would be pretty frustrating...

I love the quote - it made me 'lol', and nothing helps fix a crappy work day more than a good laugh! :)