Sunday, April 6

Catch up!

I apologize for not blogging again, sooner! I keep meaning to, but then I get caught up in something or other and forget.

Last week I switched offices - upstairs with the rest of my research 'team'. I am in an office area with several other people that I kind of know. They don't talk much (everyone works pretty hard), but it's nice just to be in the company of other people.

On Friday I attended the yearly meeting of all the researchers - it was long and pretty boring, because I didn't understand much of it. I think it would have been pretty interesting if I had understood it. :-P When we were leaving, there were a bunch of guys loading recycling out of the building and onto a truck. When I walked by, I smiled at one, and one of them said, "Stephanie!". It was strange to have a random person know my name...

This weekend has been pretty productive. Yesterday I spent the morning biking and doing errands. The weather is beautiful - sunny and warm. The roadway/walkway from my dorm down towards Yamamoto & Yao stations and the grocery store is along a river and lined with cherry trees. The walkway is very busy, and biking is slow and has to be careful!

I spent the afternoon browsing heavin in Osaka! I found ABC Craft - a 4 floor craft store! I spent a couple hours and could have spent several hours and hundreds of dollars there...fortunately, I restrained myself. Today, I slept in and was super productive cleaning my room - completely! Swept, organized, and all. I'm planning on going to the gym this evening, and then it's into another week...

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