Wednesday, April 9

Blogs & Rabbit Trails

This week, I discovered the world of Blogs. I know - I've been part of it for several months now. However, I never realized the large number and variety of blogs there are! If you're interested in something or want to know more about it, there's 101,000 blogs about it. Technology, biology, psychology, humor, cartoons, comics, beauty, fashion, religion, fitness, diet, health, weight name it, it exists. Even if you can't name it, it probably exists.

The only problem with the infinite amount of blogs that my computer provides me access to is time. I could spend hours reading them. And each blog has a 'blogroll' which leads to more blogs. I've listed a couple of my favorite blogs below, for your perusal (haha - Jeff word). But beware. If you're not careful, they may take over your life.

I wrote this post because it was on my mind, but I realized that my blog is titled 'Memoirs of a Gaijin', and the majority of my posts should probably have something to do with me and my life in Japan. So I apologize for the many rabbit trails I have taken my blog to, and will make an effort to talk more about Japan & my life here. Content suggestions, requests, comments, advice, etc. is more than welcome! Just leave me a comment on this post....(oh, and I promise to reply to comments now, too!)

Back to work; another day another dollar - and all that stuff!


Clicking on any of the links below may lead to massive amounts of your life and/or time being spent reading and surfing blogs. The author of this blog post does not take any responibility for any adverse affects this newfound addiction may have on your life.

Indexed - Life Explained in terms of Venn Diagrams
Interesting - Random interesting articles on just about everything
Cocktail Party Physics - For the Engineer in me. Explanations of physics and related things.
Cranky Fitness - Fitness from a not-so-optimistic view (great entertainment & good tips in one!)
Happiness Project - One woman's goal to find happiness (by trying all means)
Zen Habits - Tips and thoughts for living a simple and content life

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