Sunday, April 6

Another White Dash...Away, Away

I didn't go swimming at all, last week - for various reasons; none of which make any sense now. Swimming laps works as therapy for me. I often find my head full, confused, and muddled with infinite thoughts.

When I swim, sometimes I keep thinking - and I sort out my thoughts and my problems. I swim until everything is swept up, organized, and I can move through it all without tripping or catching the corner of something. Sometimes, I don't think. I just swim. As I focus on the rhythm of my strokes and watch the pale blue tiles sashay under my body and into the past, all the confusion leaves my head and flows with the water, and away with the tiles. I swim until my head is empty, and my body feels light enough to float out of the pool.

When I don't go swimming, it's usually because I am too tired, or overwhelmed, or don't feel like putting in the effort to get there. But when I do, especially when I don't want to, I leave relaxed and upbeat. All my problems just go away.

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