Thursday, March 6

Becoming the (not so) rich and famous!

Forget meeting the rich & famous, I am now one of the not-so-rich, but famous!!

I was walking to the gym, and a guy riding by on a bicycle stopped and said, "Sumimasen?" (Excuse me?)...I was a bit confused, but I stopped. He said something in Japanese, and when I asked him to speak slower, he just said, "Televison?!"

He was half talking excitedly on the phone, and half talking to me. He had seen me on television and recognized my glasses (of all things) when he rode by. We had a mini conversation that consisted mostly of him apologizing for stopping me and telling me how grateful and happy he was to meet me!

I left the moment feeling quite thrilled - famous in Japan! Sounds good to me. The cafeteria ladies also commented that they had seen me on TV! I guess I'm having my fifteen seconds of fame...

1 comment:

canadasue said...

woot woot... your "Warhol 15"... your moment of fame... who knows what "doors" this might open for you! You may begin getting sumo match tickets for free!!! I hope you have many moments to savour and enjoy your time in the limelight!