Monday, March 31


More pictures, as promised!

Osaka Jo

Picnic photos aren't working...I'll keep trying to get it to and then put them up! :)


Melissa Fed said...

I didn't know you were in Japan! What a fun adventure. I was in the same area in brother lived in Kobe for several years so I was in Osaka, Kobe, Nara, and Tokyo for a few weeks when he was there. What are you doing there? School? Work? Would love to hear! I did read several of your blog entries and will bookmark to come back! Take care and all the best!
Melissa Feddersen

canadasue said...

Happy Happy Day
Your Momma's comin' to PLAY!!!!!!!
I was delighted to hear you'll be getting a Momma hug or two over "golden week" so happy for you both... I'm prayin' each moment deepens and strengthens the love you share with each other! I know she is proud of the way you are facing the daily challenges of life in Osaka as an engineering student. You have my admiration! You not only embrace every challenge... you seem to "wrestle out of the ring" in a very sumo-like way! Cheers!!!