Sunday, March 30

March 30th

I know, I know. That's about the most creative title in the history of blogging.

Yesterday = Bad Day. Today = Better Day. Stupid Elevator.

I get a visitor! My Mommy is coming to visit me, in May! Someone to talk to, giggle with, and a real hug! I haven't had any actual human contact in 2.5 months. No hugs, nothing. Not really even handshakes, because they bow, here! I never thought about it in Canada, but I've noticed it, here. Strange. Anyways - I'm excited for her to visit! It will be nice to see someone familiar again, especially my Mom, and I think, scratch that, know! we'll have a lot of fun!! :) :) Nothing makes an elevator move up faster than good news!

This morning I got up to meet my coworkers to enjoy the famous Cherry Blossoms & a BBQ. I briefly considered crawling back into my nice, warm, comfortable bed, because the sky was the color of a rat, and looked upset. But I figured that until I heard that we weren't going, I'd go! And we did go.

We picked up some food at the supermarket (random meat, seafood, snacks, drinks), and met the rest of the group in the Expo '70 Commemorative Park. There's a (massive) 'art' statue in the front...

We had a BBQ, Japanese style (grill in the middle of the table). The food was a mix of random meat and vegetables, just thrown on the grill, dipped in BBQ sauce, and eaten. It was delicious.

However, when I say random, I do mean random. I tried chicken heart, liver, and stomach. Yep, that's what I said. They thought my reaction was pretty funny, because I thought it was pretty strange. But I tried it - it tasted fine, but had a funny texture. Especially the liver. Oh, and I could see the aorta - the AORTA - coming out of the heart. That threw me.

After the BBQ, we snapped some group shots in the pouring rain, and some of us visited the Japanese garden anyways. The cherry blossoms were beautiful, the tulips were starting to bloom, and the landscape in the garden was amazing. I am definitely going back (hopefully not in the pouring rain!). Pre-Garden-walking, we watched a Bunraku (traditional Japanese puppetry) show. And participated. At least, I did. They wanted a volunteer, and the other members of my group volunteered Yamashita-San (much to his giggling and dismay). I thought it was funny - but he grabbed my hand and pulled me up with him!! Normally, I wouldn't care. But all I could think was, "Oh my goodness. I neither speak or understand Japanese. What was he thinking?!" With some translating help from him, I managed to say my line into the microphone. I think we were supposed to be acting, but I don't really know. Everyone clapped, they asked (of course), where I was from and how I liked Japan. It was funny.

Partway through the walk, we stopped for traditional Japanese tea! (Suzanne, I'm glad you warned me!) The tea was dark green, foamy, and really bitter, especially the last sip! Fortunately, I like green tea and I like it plain and strong - so it wasn't too bad for me. We also had a sweet treat that was made from beans - so yummy!

I know I always say it, but it was a lot of fun to socialize again. I may come back to Canada socially inept, since my social events here are so few and far between. But, I will be good at crocheting (yes, still obsessed. can't stop. must crochet, more, more, more.)

On another note - fortunately: I will get some more social time, kind of. unfortunately: I will lose my privacy & therefore freedom to internet surf during work hours (I know, I shouldn't be doing it in the first place.) My office room is being used for something else, so Takemori-San and I are moving upstairs to where everyone else.

That's it for today, folks. Except I finally got some pictures up...links below! More to come tomorrow.

Osaka Bay PS - This day was infinite fun with balloon creatures!!
Coop Goodbye Dinner
Kobe - Coming Soon!
Osaka Jo (Castle) - Coming Soon!
Cherry Blossom Picnic/Expo 70 Park - Coming Soon!

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