Wednesday, March 12


Generally, I don't really mind Mondays. But for some reason, this Monday - I lacked motivation and enthusiasm for the day...I managed to survive the workday, but it was very long and dragged out, and monotonous! I also usually like work, but I spent most of the day bored.

Once work was finally over, though, the day was looking up - gym day! I don't always feel like going to the gym, but I do enjoy it when I am there, and always feel better after. Cardio can be somewhat torturous, but I find that swimming is a great chance to relax and think through things that need to be thought through.

Pre-gym, though, I was accosted by a random drunk man at the train station. Accosted isn't the right word - he wasn't aggressive at all, but it was random and awkward. He asked if I spoke English, and we had an conversation that consisted of him telling me random facts about his travelling and family. Fortunately, he had to get on the next train, and I didn't - so that ended that!

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