Friday, March 28

Winner vs Loser

I found a new mothod for getting myself to the gym... when I've planned on going, but don't feel like it, a fierce battle rages in my head between 'Go' and 'Don't'. However, I've discovered that 'Go' doesn't have to win. 'Go' just has to argue long enough. As long as 'Don't' hasn't won, I won't not keep going towards the gym. Since no decicion has been made, I can't reduce my options by heading towards home. So if 'Go' argues long enough, I find myself on the Xtrainer, 'Don't' still angrily shouting at 'Go' to let me go home. They can argue through my whole workout session, at the end of which, 'Go' finally says, "Alright - I guess you don't have to do your workout." (And that's said with a snicker of glee and a clever smile.) 'Go' gave in, but what victory was there for 'Don't'??

The weather here has been beautiful - although today's a little cloudy. Sunday, I am attending an annual Japanese traditional event - social drinking under the cherry blossoms. Large gardens of cherry blossoms are booked solid for people to sit in groups and socialize and drink and enjoy the beauty of the blossoms. I'm excited to spend some time with people, and I think it will be fun! I'll let you know how it goes...

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Kristine said...

you are too funny steph. Just wanted to let you know that I have been keeping up with your blog on a not so regualr basis. I enjoy your stories and you will be so glad you did this so you can always remember your time in Japan. I think about you lots... miss having you around.