Tuesday, May 27


People notice me. They can't help it.

Most of the time, they just notice. Their eyes linger for a second - to notice the differences between me and the people that surround us. But usually, that's it.

Occasionally, I feel someone staring. When I lift my eyes, theirs quickly divert. Until mine lower again. Then I feel the stare again.

Sometimes, it's just curiosity. I don't mind.

Sometimes, it makes me feel like a micro-organism under a high-powered lens. So I stare back, until they stop.

Sometimes, I watch them out of the corner of my eyes; wondering what they are thinking and noticing. My clothes, my hair, my skin, the shape of my face, my height, my shoes. All the things that scream: "I don't belong here."


canadasue said...

Hmmmm... you are the gift of "otherness" to that place... a fresh way to see our Creator... the ultimate Other... gentle thoughts toward you...

and great pict to capture your citrusy, zesty and delicious differences!

Anonymous said...

it's your hair...for sure.

Stephanie said...

Suzanne - I love that you used the word zesty! :)

'anonymous' - You're probably right. Peace. Hehe.