Sunday, May 18

Me vs My Life

I was talking to a friend who also recently moved quite far from home and the life he was used to. I moved across the world and he moved across the country. But we're in similar situations, I think. Mine may be a bit more drastic (what with the language and culture change), but both of us are left in a strange place, knowing few people, and finding ourselves condemned to spend a lot of time alone.

I asked him how he dealt with spending so much time alone...he listed off things he finds to fill his time, ending with:

"I don't mind being alone - it's simple, quiet, easy to manage."

I must admit, I'm a little jealous - but him saying that did help me explain to myself why I have had some difficulty adjusting to life here and spending so much time alone.

Kyle says: its quiet, simple, easy to manage
Steph says: that's good.
Steph says: i think don't do well with quiet, simple, and easy to manage.
Steph says: i need busy, crazy, and somewhat stressful.
Kyle says: well, YOUR NOT
Steph says: lol
Kyle says: and YOU ARE

He says he understands me better than I give him credit for. He's probably right. But I figure that his two phrases in response to my two phrases is a pretty good summary.

My life here is quiet and calm and simple - I am not. Hence why we have trouble working together. But we're adjusting, and learning from each other! :)

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canadasue said...

Hey Beautiful You!
This is some profound writing... very self aware. And your friend Kyle seems to be one of those who follow in the way of the "Three Wisemen". Who you are and who you are becoming is so precious and meaningful. While your task and place influence your life, it is your "being" and the response of your soul to your circumstances that is celebrated by your "cloud of witnesses" and by the Source of your spirit.