Friday, May 16

Japanese Candy

Imagine a world without licorice... I know. How would we survive? What would we eat? Okay...slightly overexaggerated. Canada has lots of candy to replace licorice, should it ever become extinct. However, I have made a startling discovery.

They don't know what licorice is. None of my Japanese friends or coworkers know what licorice is! I noticed a lack of gummy and chewy candies here (hence my requests for Swedish Berries shortly after arriving)...but I didn't realize that soft candy doesn't really exist here. (Notice I said "doesn't really", not just "doesn't" - thanks to the miracles of importation and the internet, you can get anything anywhere from anywhere, now... and I have seen soft candy once, at a small candy stand.) But the idea of soft candy doesn't seem to register to my coworkers - one of them told me that they call 'soft candy' a 'caramel'. I assured her that a caramel was different than a soft candy.

Mom brought me (lots :) ) of licorice, so I brought it into work - prompting much explanation and questions about it and Canadian candy in general. I'm sure Japan has more soft candies that I don't know about...but my coworkers seem to also be uneducated as to Japanese soft I can only assume it's not very popular here.

Perhaps I should start a chain of candy stores in Japan...swedish berries, fuzzy peaches, sour cherries, gummy worms, gummy bears, licorice...

What's your favorite soft candy?


kristine said...

I love swedish berries! I also really like those strawberry marshmallow things. Do those count as soft candy?

Stephanie said...

Sure! :) They're soft...and...candyish. Yummy.